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団体名 International Training Centre of the ILO
団体種別 国際機関
所在地 海外
設立年月 1964/10
設立目的 The Centre is the training arm of the International Labour Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations system with the mandate to promote decent work. The Centre has 50 years of experience in providing training and learning opportunities as well as advisory services in the fields of social and economic development for the benefit of representatives of:
- governments,
- workers’ and employers’ organizations,
- other partner organizations like development banks, the United Nations system and the ILO.

To be the leading global provider of learning and training for the world of work. Our learning, knowledge-sharing and institutional capacity-building activities and programmes for governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations and other development partners are based on the latest thinking, best practices and comparative experiences in the fields of:

- rights at work
- enterprise, microfinance and local development
- employment and skills development
- social protection
- social dialogue, tripartism, labour law and labour administration
- workers’ and employers’ organizations
- gender and non-discrimination
- sustainable development and governance
- learning methodology and technology

Regular programmes are offered in a multicultural and multilingual environment at the campus or through e-learning. Tailor-made programmes are offered at the organizational, national or regional level.
活動分野 ガバナンス; 経済政策; ジェンダーと開発; 教育; 社会保障
主な活動内容・実績 主な活動実績(海外)
Italy, and all over the world
To date, more than 200,000 women and men from over 190 nations have benefited from the Centre’s training and learning services. In recent years, the Centre has implemented an annual programme of some 450 to 500 training activities for the benefit of more than 12,000 participants per year.

The Centre offers short professional training courses, academies, tailor-made learning events, and advisory services for human resource development including the design and implementation of training projects. It also offers Masters programmes run by its Turin School of Development. Activities take place on our Campus in Turin as face-to-face events or in participants’ home countries by distance learning or through a blend of these two course methodologies.



【開催間近】 10月スタートのオンラインコース Technology@Work、Qualitative tools and methodologies for foresight analysis
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Management of Vocational Training Centres
募集団体名 International Training Centre of the ILO 開催地   イタリア
開催期間 2017/11/272017/12/01 ジャンル 研修
Master in Occupational safety and health
募集団体名 International Training Centre of the ILO 開催地   イタリア
開催期間 2018/09/102019/09/30 ジャンル その他

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